Monthly Archives: February 2015

Palm Beach Equine Clinic Announces New Standing MRI And Nuclear Scintigraphy Equipment

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is excited to announce the addition of a new MRI room containing the Equine Standing MRI manufactured by Hallmarq. This new Equine Standing MRI allows scans of the equine foot and lower limb to be done in a standing position with light sedation.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic recently completed the renovation of the Nuclear Scintigraphy (Bone Scan) Room, including a new top of-the-line MiE Equine Nuclear Scintigraphy camera. This new gamma ray camera reduces the time required to scan a horse and is designed with sharper contours for more precise lameness diagnosis. The advanced technology behind the Equine Scanner H.R. provides the ability to acquire high quality images regardless of patient movements, alleviating the necessity for re-scans. MiE engineers describe their new machine as an ingenious combination of mechanics, electronics and special software algorithms, which allows unique scanning on standing horses. The easy to use, fully automatic and real-time motion correction allows for accurate, effective and fast studies in every condition.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic continues to be a consistent leader in sport horse medicine. All our clients are always welcome to schedule an appointment for a tour of the facility.