A Blind Horse’s Recovery

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Owning a horse has been the most joyful experience but what happens when tragedy strikes to your beloved animal? I have trusted Palm Beach Equine for 10 years to oversee the health and wellness of my beloved mare Ellie. But early this year she had an accident that scared her right eye and she tragically developed moonblindness and glaucoma. I was devastated to see her in so much pain and the inflammation was increasingly getting worse day by day. Palm Beach Equine recommended Dr. Susan Carastro for her specialized ophthalmology skills. She worked diligently to provide a stable course of eye treatment for my mare. However, as time grew with multiple rounds of eye drops per day, my mare was not improving and the eye disease was winning despite all of our best efforts. It was breaking my heart to see my mare suffering from the pain. The best option was to remove the eye itself and relieve the horse from the pressure building within the eye. It was a difficult fact for me to cope with but the veterinarians assured me that there would be happy days ahead for Ellie after surgery.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic was conveniently close to the farm and we were able to schedule the surgery the day we called. This was a relief that my mare wouldn’t have to wait a few days or a week in this condition. Upon delivering Ellie to the hospital I was greeted by the welcoming staff and veterinary assistants. Their team made sure that my horse was settling in well before surgery and I felt confident leaving her in the hands of the veterinarians. Dr. Carastro successfully performed the enucleation surgery, but with any surgical recovery Ellie was not out of the woods yet. She needed around the clock care with medicine to keep the eye and implant from getting infected. For the next three days I called the Clinic daily, in fact 3-4 times per day in addition to visiting my mare daily. The team at the clinic were always so patient and provide me with numerous updates. I had a new appreciation for the clinic after the way the staff and veterinary assist ants handled by mare before and after the surgery. I was able to sleep well at night knowing that she was in the very best hands during her recovery.

Three months later the mare is pain free, enjoying the trail rides and running around the paddock with her favorite pasture mate. Reflecting back on the year, I am thankful for everyone who was part of Ellie’s journal towards recovery. Thank you to the support of Palm Beach Equine Clinic including the staff, veterinarians, veterinary assistants and of course the wonderful Dr. Carastro for saving another horse’s life. It took an exceptional team for this horse to go through surgery and I am glad it was at Palm Beach Equine Clinic. May many happy horses be able to return home because your exceptional care.

With Appreciation,
-Ashley P. & Horse Ellie