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Palm Beach Equine Clinic is renowned for its full-service surgical center. Current surgical techniques are less invasive and result in faster recovery times for your horse. Our surgical team leader, Dr. Robert Brusie, is nationally renowned board certified surgeon. Specialties include orthopedic, arthroscopic, and emergency surgeries.

Video: Dr. Weston Davis – Surgical Techniques

General Medicine


Our team of twenty six veterinarians includes specialists who are board certified in surgery, internal medicine, radiology, and ophthalmology are prepared to manage a wide range of medical situations. We have a full-service laboratory on-site equipped with hematology, chemistry, microbiology, stem cell and PRP equipment.

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We have the most advanced imaging technologies available on site for our patients including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Scintigraphy (Bone Scan), Ultrasonography, Digital Radiography and Endoscopy. Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment produces exceptional, diagnostic quality images.

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Video: Dr. Sarah Puchalski – Diagnostic Imaging

Emergency Care


In the event of an emergency, we offer 24-hour emergency service. Hospitalized patients are closely monitored by our veterinarians and expertly trained staff. Our facility is well equipped to accommodate a variety of different emergencies including surgical cases. Please call (561) 793-1599 to contact our on-call veterinarian.

Preventive Medicine


Regular, routine veterinary care is important to maintaining your horse’s health. Dental care, vaccinations, deworming, and annual physical exams will keep your horse healthy and can identify problems early. It is very important to have a veterinarian who is familiar with your horse(s) which begins with routine care.

Video: Dr. Tyler Davis – Preventive Medicine

Alternative Medicine


When properly applied by a trained practitioner, alternative medicine can be used in conjunction with traditional sports medicine to give you and your horse the winning edge. In many instances, athletic horses have responded favorably to this treatment. Palm Beach Equine has veterinarians trained in acupuncture, chiropractic work, Chinese herbal medicine, and alternative medicines to help your horse reach their optimal level.

Video: Dr. Janet Greenfield Davis – Acupuncture
Video: Dr. Natalia Novoa – Equine Chiropractic



We offer a broad array of services to accommodate all of your equine reproductive needs available both at the clinic and in the field. Our reproductive specialist, Dr. Bob Smith, along with the rest of our veterinary team will provide you with exceptional service. We have developed package pricing for some of our services that will guarantee results for a flat fee. Please call the clinic for more information on our reproductive services and packages.

Video: Dr. Bob Smith – Reproduction and Fertility

Satellite Services


Palm Beach Equine Clinic is proud to offer services to our clients throughout the United States and many countries all over the world. Our veterinarians are passionate about assisting clients at the major National and International competitions.

Video: Dr. Jorge Gomez – International Team Support

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