Palm Beach Equine Saved Our Foal From Death


In July of 2015 I received a frantic phone call from my non horsey Husband. He said our 5 day old Icelandic foal had collapsed in the pasture what should he do. I was out of town visiting our new Granddaughter while he was alone with the Mare and foal.  I said call a neighbor and the Veterinarian.   Dr. Smith soon arrived and advised that the foal should be brought into the clinic ASAP as he was running a fever of 109 degrees.

That day, the team set to work on this little guy packing him in ice to bring his temperature down. He lay there helpless and almost lifeless for the first week. He ran fevers, had seizures and needed a surgery for an abscess. The prognosis was not favorable, however they stuck with him. We visited every day and found the many PB Equine techs and vets sitting by his side 24/7. They tube fed him IV medications and held his head steady as he had what seemed like endless seizures. They also bathed the groomed his worried mare Mom. As he started to show signs of improvement they would cheer and high five each other out of pure joy.


After 2 weeks we brought home our guy and we even changed his name to the more deserving name of Ofeigur (Icelandic for survivor).  Recently he turned 1 year old and even though he may be spoiled now he is perfect for us. Thank You Palm Beach Equine!

by Lisa Loewenberg