PBEC August Giveaway!

The Palm Beach Equine Clinic Monthly Giveaway is back!! On the beginning of each month PBEC will announce a special prize that will be given away. Participants will have the whole month to register using the rafflecopter link below. At the end of each month we will draw a random winner and announce the winner on Facebook.

The prize for August is a 3.53lbs. container of Assure Guard made by Arenus.

Assure Guard Details

  • Assure Guard combines the full benefits of the Assure family’s patented formulation with calcium carbonate to soothe and prevent ulcers.
  • Assure Guard horse ulcer supplements can be added to your ulcer treatment regimen to promote optimal GI function throughout the duration of treatment and prevent ulcers from recurring when continued in a maintenance protocol.
  • The combination of Assure Guard and Assure Plus has been research proven to address a multitude of equine digestive conditions like chronic colic, diarrhea and poor body condition; it’s the GI maintenance program of choice for veterinarians nationwide.
  • Assure Guard is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every horse and budget.

Assure Guard has been a long-standing horse ulcer supplement for many veterinarians and is recommended for management of a variety of equine digestive challenges.  Like the rest of the Assure family, Assure Guard is formulated to prevent colic, diarrhea, weight loss and promote optimal digestive function but, with the addition of calcium carbonate, it also addresses gastric and colonic ulcers.

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Value: $110.00

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