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Meet the Team: Dr. Meredith Hustler

Dr. Meredith Hustler celebrated her one-year anniversary at PBEC this spring. Originally hailing from New Jersey, Hustler completed her undergraduate degree in Equine Science at Centenary College while simultaneously riding as a member of their Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) team. Hustler then graduated from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2016. 


Dr. Meredith Hustler. Photo by Erin Gilmore

Find out more about PBEC veterinarian Dr. Meredith Hustler:

What is your background with horses? 
Both of my parents are ministers, so I come from a non-horse family, but I begged my mom for riding lessons as a kid. From there, I got involved in the show jumping community in the Ocean Grove, NJ, area where I grew up. I stayed in the show jumping world up until I became a veterinarian. I worked as a rider and a FEI groom for various professionals, including about seven years with Gabriella Salick, a show jumper from the West Coast. With Gabby, I had the opportunity to take care of her horses at World Cup Finals, the Olympic selection trials, Spruce Meadows, and top horse shows all over the country. She really taught me how to be a good horseman too, which I think has been really invaluable to me now as a veterinarian.

How did you then decide to pursue veterinary medicine?
I’ve always been quite interested in science, as well as the horse. I’ve always loved animals, and I wanted to be able to help horses, as well as the professionals and owners involved in the industry. You do that as a groom and rider to some extent, but it’s different being a veterinarian. I’ve always felt like it was my mission in life to help horses and the people involved with them, especially in this capacity.

What led you to Palm Beach Equine Clinic? 
I knew Dr. Richard Wheeler and Dr. Bryan Dubynsky and knew of Palm Beach Equine from my involvement in show jumping, so when it came time to do an externship when I was in vet school, I did it at Palm Beach Equine. I got the externship, and I was able to make my way up from there [from extern to intern to associate]. During the externship, I remember thinking, “I really want to intern here,” and then when I was interning, I was thinking “I don’t really want to leave.” I love the practice. I like the demographic of the horses that we get to work on, the people that are involved, and the sense of community. You’re surrounded by colleagues that you can work with; you can always “phone a friend.” It’s a really inviting and helpful atmosphere to learn and work in.

What is your favorite part of the job? 
I mentioned the demographic of the horses that we’re working on – the caliber of them is really just incredible, and getting to work on the horses that we do is such a privilege. Outside of that, I focus a lot on lameness, alternative therapies, and internal medicine. I’m acupuncture-certified, which I really enjoy. I’m a big advocate of acupuncture as a non-invasive way for the horse’s body to heal itself, as well as a nice addition to other kinds of treatments to promote overall well-being and health.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy?
I’m married to a great guy named Samuel, and we spend a lot of time outdoors and with our three dogs. We’re big beach people, and we love the ocean, paddle-boarding, yoga, hiking, biking – just getting out and enjoying being outside.

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