Palm Beach Equine Imaging Center installed a standing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit as an exciting new service for our clients. Our standing Hallmarq MRI unit gives us the ability to produce high quality, diagnostic images of the equine distal limb and each MRI is read by our board certified radiologist.

Why would my horse need an MRI?

Often radiographs and ultrasound cannot provide enough definitive information to determine the source of lameness. MRI can provide additional information that can lead to a more defined or complete diagnosis. Your horse’s regular veterinarian can help you decide if MRI is the right choice for your horse.


Why choose a standing low field MRI over a high field MRI requiring your horse to be put under general anesthesia?

The ability to perform the MRI scan standing using only light sedation significantly reduces the risks of injury to your horse. General anesthesia, required for high field MRIs, has many risk factors including injury during recovery or even death. The standing MRI is a minimally invasive, day procedure with less preparation required and a faster recovery time.


How will I get my images from my horse’s MRI and will there be a report with them?

Your horse’s MRI images will be emailed directly to your veterinarian (or whomever you specify) on the same day that your horse is scanned. Our on-site radiologist will review the images and produce a report that will be emailed to your veterinarian (or whomever you specify) within two business days following the MRI.

How long does it take to perform the scan?

Depending on the customized scan required for your horse, it takes approximately one hour for each site to be scanned. For example, if your horse is having both feet imaged, actual scanning time will be approximately two hours. We take the time to ensure that your horse is as comfortable as possible during the procedure, which will result in higher quality images. Following the scan, we monitor each horse closely until the sedation effects have worn off. In general, you can expect to pick up your horse in the afternoon on the day that it is scanned. Any additional questions can be answered when you book an appointment.


Will my horse’s shoes have to be pulled?

Yes, the shoe on the limb that is being scanned, as well as, the contralateral shoe will need to be removed. We kindly request that the shoes are pulled before your horse arrives.

How can I schedule an MRI for my horse?

We perform MRI scans by appointment only. Please have your veterinarian contact the clinic to schedule your horse for an MRI.


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