Joint Injections 101 | Equestrian Masterclass

Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarian Dr. Richard Wheeler breaks down joint injections in this recent Noelle Floyd Equestrian Masterclass.

Demystify Joint Injections with Dr. Wheeler

In this Equestrian Masterclass by Noelle Floyd, you will learn:

joint injections 101 with Dr. Richard Wheeler on equestrian masterclass
  • What joint injections are, what they actually do, and how they’re used
  • Why different types of injections are used, how they differ, the science behind each, and the pros and cons of each type
  • How vets determine if injections could benefit your horse
  • What a pre-injection examination process looks like
  • How injections are performed on joints
  • What the risks and potential side effects of injections are
  • When it’s the right age to start joint maintenance
  • What types of horses typically need joint maintenance
  • How to choose the best joint maintenance strategy for your horse.
  • Common myths and misconceptions about joint maintenance

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