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Palm Beach Equine Clinic Welcomes Dr. Christopher Elliott

The team at Palm Beach Equine Clinic is excited to welcome Dr. Christopher Elliott. Dr. Elliott was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, and graduated from the University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science in 2007 with First-class Honors. Since then, he has become board-certified in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Elliott has experience working at Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) equestrian events in more than 20 countries. As well as being a dedicated FEI Veterinarian, Dr. Elliott has been a Private Athlete Veterinarian, Team Veterinarian, Permitted Treating Veterinarian, and Official Veterinarian. Dr. Elliott is the Veterinary Services Manager for FEI Competition at Wellington International for the 2023 Winter Equestrian Festival. Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Elliott and his role as a veterinarian at Palm Beach Equine Clinic.

Dr. Christopher Elliott specializes in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Christopher Elliott

When and why did you decide you wanted to become a veterinarian?
Like most young boys I knew, I had illusions of grandeur that I was going to be playing cricket or rugby for Australia. As I got older, I decided I needed to knuckle down on my studies and veterinary medicine made sense. I decided this around the age of 15 and, since then there was nothing else I could possibly imagine I ever wanted to do. My background in horses from my father’s side and my love of animals from my mother’s side led me to veterinary medicine as the perfect career and lifestyle choice for me.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a veterinarian?
Young people considering a career in veterinary medicine should spend as much time as possible working in practices in order to fully understand what makes it a challenging career choice. Aspiring veterinarians should take the time to truly understand what the profession is really about. I love being a veterinarian and it is all I could possibly imagine ever doing, but some people have a job that pays for their lifestyle and other people have a job that is their lifestyle. Young people who would like to become a veterinarian should be positive that it is the career they want and enjoy before committing to it.

What aspects of equine medicine interest you most, and what types of cases do you find most rewarding?
My chosen specialties are Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Ever since I became a veterinarian, the unique challenges of keeping equine athletes fit, sound, and competing at the highest level have always appealed to me. I enjoy performance management, investigating lameness, and helping my clients achieve their equine athletic goals. Regardless of the competition level, each combination of horse and rider has specific aspirations, and it gives me great satisfaction to help achieve those goals. Whether it be in the pony ring, at the grand prix level, or Olympic level, they all pose their unique challenges and are equally enjoyable.

Dr. Christopher Elliott in Geneva, Switzerland.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Christopher Elliott

What is your role as the new Veterinary Services Manager for FEI Competition at Wellington International?
My job as the Veterinary Services Manager is to provide veterinarian services during each week of FEI competition. Tasks range from coordinating our Palm Beach Equine Clinic treating veterinarians on the showgrounds to assisting during the arrival exams and horse inspections. I am also the Attending Veterinarian ringside for each night class and FEI class. I have been working within the FEI all over the world for close to 15 years, and I look forward to working at this prestigious venue this year.

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
I love traveling with my wife, Kjersten Lance, and going on fun adventures around the world. I enjoy all things sports related as well. I love watching team sports, especially live at the stadium. Coming from Australia, I played cricket and rugby and still follow them closely. A little-known fun fact about me is that I collect stamps.