Palm Beach Equine Clinic Offers New State-Of-The-Art Nuclear Scintigraphy Equipment

Major Developments at Palm Beach Equine Clinic

Palm Beach Equine Offers New State-Of-The-Art Nuclear Scintigraphy Equipment

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is excited to announce the addition of the most advanced Equine Nuclear Scintigraphy Gamma Ray Camera. Last winter, Palm Beach Equine Clinic announced the grand opening of an eleven-stall barn for intensive and postoperative care. Four new offices were built for the additional seven veterinarians that joined the practice. This fall we will complete the renovation of the Nuclear Scintigraphy (bone scan) lab. In addition to installing the new top of the line Nuclear Scintigraphy camera manufactured by Medical Imaging Electronics. 

Capabilities of Equine Nuclear Scintigraphy Imaging

The Equine Scanner H.R. designed by MIE reduces time required to scan the horse and provides more defined images. The new technology behind the Equine Scanner H.R. assists with the ability to produce high-quality images even if the horse moves slightly while taking an image. Image acquisitions will not have to be repeated as frequently which reduces the length of time required for a scan. The camera is equipped with special software that is designed to acquire images with sharp contours. This creates a precise, effective diagnosis of the lameness or specific point of injury. MIE describes their new gamma-ray camera as “an ingenious combination of mechanics, electronics and special software algorithms, which allows unique scanning on standing horses.” 

Palm Beach Equine Offers New State-Of-The-Art Nuclear Scintigraphy Equipment

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is one of very few equine practices in the U.S. with a staff Board Certified Radiologist. World-renowned Radiologist, Dr. Sarah Puchalski, is on site to read and interpret images immediately so clients have results as quickly as possible. Dr. Puchalski is excited about the renovation and the new Equine Scanner H.R. machine.

“The addition of this scanner places Palm Beach Equine at the forefront of diagnostic imaging the world over. Excellent motion correction software and the largest field of view allows for accurate, rapid scanning of large parts such as the pelvis, back and neck in addition to the more routinely imaged limbs. It is very exciting to be able to work with these tools in Wellington,” said Dr. Puchalski.

Equine Nuclear Scintigraphy for Referral Veterinarians

Often times horses may have multi-limb lameness that makes it difficult for your veterinarian to pinpoint the problem. Dr. Puchalski gladly accepts referrals from other veterinarians and is happy to assist in the specific diagnosis of your horse’s ailments. Palm Beach Equine Clinic has performed over 3,000 bone scans in the last decade.

We remain the leader in Equine Imaging. Please contact Palm Beach Equine Clinic by calling (561) 793 – 1599 to schedule your horse’s imaging appointment.