Meet Dr. Janet Greenfield-Davis

Palm Beach Equine Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Janet Greenfield-Davis
Palm Beach Equine Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Janet Greenfield-Davis

Dr. Janet Greenfield-Davis knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since elementary school. She grew up riding and competing on the hunter/jumper circuit in California before attending California Polytechnic State University and graduating from the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine in Glasgow, Scotland. Working alongside her husband Tyler Davis, Janet joined the Palm Beach Equine team as an intern before accepting a full-time position in 2010.

What inspired you to be a veterinarian?

I started riding at eight years old in a little field at the end of my street. As I started to grow up, my dad got me taking lessons and competing. He asked me one day when I was 11, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’? I told him that I wanted to be a veterinarian and work on horses. He never let me forget that, so I grew up and became a veterinarian.

What is it like to work with your husband every day?

It’s wonderful. How many people can say that they get to see their significant other throughout the day, work on cases together, and bounce ideas off each other? We have worked together since the day we met. We went to school together, sat together in class and now we work together. I absolutely love it.

Have your children inherited the animal-lover gene?

Oh yes! We have two girls – Zella is two and Maisie is five months. Zella comes on calls with me regularly. She has her own toy stethoscope in my truck.

What is your specialty? 

Equine Acupuncture by Palm Beach Equine Clinic Dr. Janet Greenfield-Davis

I specialize in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Both piqued my interest in vet school, and when I came to Palm Beach Equine, there was an opening for an acupuncturist. I really love having a way to treat animals without using drugs or steroids. It’s one more method to help equine athletes reach peak performance and is gaining more and more popularity. When I first started, people didn’t embrace it as much, but now even more doctors are starting to turn to it for cases they are not sure how to diagnose. With all the strict rules in FEI, it is a way to make a horse feel better without using drugs.

When you are not working, where can we find you?

Hanging out with my kids and my husband. We try to do family things as often as we can.

What advice would you give to someone considering vet school?

It’s a long, hard road but if you love it, it is so worth it.

What do you like about being on the Palm Beach Equine team?

We have all the diagnostic equipment we could ever need, and I love the quality of practitioners that we have at our practice. We always work as a team – everyone’s number-one goal is the best care for horses and animals in general.

Name one thing most people don’t know about you?

I used to swing dance. I taught lessons and performed for a long time.