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palm beach equine clinic sports medicine

Veterinary care is an essential part of the equine athlete’s support team. Sport horse medicine by Palm Beach Equine Clinic is specialized to the individual horse’s career, discipline, performance level and training demands. As riders themselves, the veterinarians and staff of Palm Beach Equine Clinic understand the effort, time and training involved to compete at the high levels.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is dedicated to enhancing the performance and career of sport horses by offering an array of services to maintain the health and soundness of the competition horse. From supporting your primary veterinarian, providing onsite care at the horseshow, or as your team partner around the clock, Palm Beach Equine Clinic is committed to helping you reach your competitive equestrian goals.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Make your next horse purchase with Palm Beach Equine Clinic by your side.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic Sport Horse Medicine Radiography

A thorough pre-purchase exam is necessary to allow a potential new owner and veterinarian to investigate the horse’s health and condition, regardless of breed or discipline. A pre-purchase exam helps protect a potential owner’s investment and gives a comprehensive picture of the long-term viability of the horse’s career.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic will gather and interpret information by physically examining the horse’s body systems and conformation, as well as reviewing the health history. A lameness assessment is completed, including flexion tests, soft tissue structure palpation and movement evaluations. Diagnostic medical imaging tools, such as radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear scintigraphy, or computed tomography, may be used to provide a more detailed and comprehensive profile of the horse.

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Lameness Evaluations

Palm Beach Equine Clinic frequently provides lameness evaluations to assess the source of an alteration in a horse’s gait. If an owner suspects a horse may be lame, a prompt and thorough lameness should be performed for the betterment of the animal. Lameness may be demonstrated by issues in areas of the body besides the legs and owners may notice the physical changes as well as a difference in the horse’s attitude and behavior. A thorough lameness examination includes many modalities and techniques to identify the root of the lameness.  

Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarians are knowledgeable and well equipped with an extensive arsenal of diagnostic tools to properly evaluate lameness. The horse’s medical history and conformation will be evaluated with a thorough exam involving flexions, palpations and use of hoof testers. The veterinarian will evaluate the horse in motion on a variety of surfaces with harder grounds usually revealing the most visual difference in gait. The veterinarian will study the horse for shortening of stride, irregular foot placement, head bobbing, stiffness and other unnatural movements.

Medical imaging technology such as digital radiographs, ultrasound, or nuclear scintigraphy may be used to make a diagnosis. While each lameness case is different, Palm Beach Equine Clinic will prepare the appropriate treatment plan to suit the horse’s individual needs. Lameness treatments may involve joint injections, shockwave therapy, stem cells, platelet-rich plasma or IRAP therapy.

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Horse Show Services

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is a major sponsor and partner of equestrian competitions across disciplines. Onsite veterinary services are provided at many showgrounds and competitions so patients can be immediately evaluated and treated. On the showgrounds, veterinarians are available for lameness evaluations, pre-purchase exams, medical assessments and other needs. Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarians also travel across the country and abroad in support of clientele throughout the year.

Dedicated to supporting and enhancing the community and equine industry, Palm Beach Equine Clinic is the Official Veterinary Clinic of the Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival. Other partnerships have included Gladiator Polo and the International Polo Club of Palm Beach, Gold Coast Dressage Association, Wellington Classic Dressage, Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center, Double K Rodeo Productions and more.

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