Get to know the team behind Palm Beach Equine Clinic: veterinarians, technicians, and staff members.

Team PBEC includes a diverse group of distinguished veterinarians, including board-certified surgeons, a radiologist and an internal medicine specialist.  The veterinary team encompasses experts in various specialties of equine medicine, allowing PBEC to treat a wide range of patient needs.

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MRI Manager Cami Glaff Palm Beach Equine Clinic

Meet MRI Manager Cami Glaff

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manager Cami Glaff Modern veterinary diagnostic technologies allow doctors to capture highly detailed …
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Our Mission

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional care for the horse and is committed to strengthening our relationship with our clients and community.

Want to get in touch with a Team PBEC veterinarian or staff member? Contact Palm Beach Equine Clinic by calling 561-793-1599 or filling out the form below.