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Palm Beach Equine Clinic is proud to support students throughout their educational journey and offers a unique experience in the practice of veterinary medicine through internship and externship programs.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is a full-service medical facility offering care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Equipped with a surgical center, advanced diagnostic imaging units, laboratory, pharmacy, and isolation unit, Palm Beach Equine Clinic has the necessary tools for diagnosing and treating a variety of cases. The equine hospital offers a fast-paced learning environment for veterinary students where they are exposed to a high-volume, varied caseload.

Learn in the Equestrian Capital of the World

Wellington, Florida, has rightfully earned its title of “Equestrian Capital of the World” as the area is home to internationally acclaimed equestrian competitions and showgrounds. The area is home to the Winter Equestrian Festival, Global Dressage Festival and International Polo Club. Palm Beach Equine Clinic is conveniently located within riding distance of these venues and is an official veterinary partner of many elite competitions.

Wellington’s highly competitive horse shows attract top level talent across disciplines each winter season (approximately November through April). The surrounding area boasts a wide range of western sport horses, polo teams, and racehorses, allowing many opportunities for equine veterinarians to practice in an array of disciplines. Palm Beach Equine Clinic is proud to care for all horses, whether they are an Olympic level athlete, trusted show pony or reliable trail horse.

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Veterinarians Invested in Your Success

Palm Beach Equine Clinic provides students with learning opportunities from a diverse team of over 30 veterinarians. The team is complete with board-certified surgeons, an internal medicine specialist and a radiologist, and treats a wide range of patient needs. Knowledge can be gained in all aspects of healthcare as many of our veterinarians have specialties in dentistry, reproduction, sport horse lameness, acupuncture, nutrition and more. Veterinary students and graduates can learn from a variety of cases with open consultation and candor amongst the entire team.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is pleased to provide opportunities for new professionals to build a foundation and gain positive work experience. Interns and externs are integral members of the Clinic and our staff takes pride in having an opportunity to share knowledge and give students a leg up in the industry. Even after completion of an internship or externship, students are encouraged to keep in touch with Palm Beach Equine Clinic to better build their knowledge and network of professional relationships. 

Internship and Externship Programs

Palm Beach Equine Clinic internship and externship programs focus on educating students with as much hands-on experience as possible, opposed to many other internship and externship programs that merely allow for observing or shadowing experience. The equine internship and externship programs lay the groundwork for future careers in veterinary medicine by granting applied skill and mentorship.

With exposure to a heavy caseload, veterinary students are responsible for completing various activities at the Clinic. Interns and externs gain knowledge in all aspects of hospital operation, such as medical imaging, surgery, performance medicine, regenerative medicine, reproduction and fertility, laboratory testing, medications and emergency care.

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