Externship Program

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Palm Beach Equine Clinic

The Palm Beach Equine Clinic externship program is crafted for veterinary students focused on equine medicine and allows students to visit the facility for a one to four week period. Palm Beach Equine Clinic is happy to work with potential externs to schedule a visit that best suits their schedule while allowing them exposure to as much equine veterinary knowledge as possible. It is recommended that externs request a visit during the busier winter season of November through April.

Requirements of Externs

  • Externs must be in their last two years of
    veterinary school. This is typically the third or fourth year for American
    veterinary school students or the fifth or sixth year for those studying
    outside the United States.


  • Externs are required to provide proof of
    professional liability insurance and medical health insurance before the
    beginning of their externship.


  • Externs are responsible for arranging their own
    housing and transportation accommodations for the duration of the program.


  • Appropriate, professional dress includes a
    collared shirt with khakis pants or jeans. Appropriate leather-toed shoes are