equine surgery palm beach clinic

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is renowned for its full-service surgical center. Current surgical techniques are less invasive and result in faster recovery times for your horse. Our surgical team is equipped with three board-certified surgeons and lead by Dr. Robert Brusie. Surgical specialties include orthopedic, arthroscopic, and emergency surgeries.

Emergency Care

In the event of an urgent medical issue, Palm Beach Equine Clinic is ready to take action with 24/7 emergency veterinary services. With a large staff of skilled veterinarians and a fully equipped equine hospital, Palm Beach Equine Clinic always has a doctor ready and able to help. Palm Beach Equine Clinic is prepared to treat any kind of equine emergency, from reasonably minor needs to the most severe life-saving situations.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic encourages clients to not hesitate in the event of an equine medical emergency. Call 561-793-1599 to reach the veterinarian on call.