Hilary Clayton, DVM

Hilary Clayton Palm Beach Equine Clinic Veterinarian

Dr. Hilary Clayton was raised in south-east England and attended Edinburgh University in Scotland where she obtained her Masters Degree in Social Anthropology. Upon graduation, she began working as a riding instructor in Spain before crossing the pond to Florida for a position as a polo team groom.

In Florida, Dr. Clayton was introduced to Dr. Scott Swerdlin, President of Palm Beach Equine Clinic, and worked as his veterinary technician for six years. During her experience in the field, Dr. Clayton felt a deep connection with horses and decided to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University.

After obtaining her DVM in 1998, Dr. Clayton completed an internship with Pioneer Equine in Oakdale, California, and then stayed out west to continue gaining experience. Dr. Clayton returned to Palm Beach Equine Clinic in 2000 and her primary focus is general and preventative veterinary medicine for all equines.

When not treating patients, Dr. Clayton is happiest being in the wilderness, traveling, Flamenco dancing and enjoying folk music.

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