Internship Program


Palm Beach Equine Clinic offers internships for those seeking experience in all facets of equine medicine and surgical procedures. An internship with Palm Beach Equine Clinic can kickstart a veterinary degree by giving recent veterinary school graduates clinical experience on a variety of conditions before they move onto official veterinarian positions.

Internship candidates are selected from a pool of prior externs. Therefore, it is HIGHLY recommended that applicants have already completed an externship. Palm Beach Equine Clinic offers three internship positions for a 12-month period beginning in the summer months.

Responsibilities of Interns

Palm Beach Equine Clinic interns are responsible for many duties that include but are not limited to hospital patient care, surgery, anesthesia, ambulatory, diagnostic imaging and emergency care. Outside of patient care, interns are responsible for keeping up proper, detailed records and must also participate in ongoing education through research and journaling.

Internship Accommodations and Review

Palm Beach Equine Clinic does provide accommodations for interns. Internship benefits, salary, housing and transportation accommodations may be discussed during the interview process with the Internship Committee. To apply for an internship, please complete the below form to contact the Internship Committee.

Apply for an Internship with Palm Beach Equine Clinic

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