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Always On Call for Wellington Equines

Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) returns as the Official Veterinarian of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) for the 2023 show season. The veterinarians of Palm Beach Equine Clinic will be on-site to provide excellent care to all of the competing sport horses as well as those in the surrounding Wellington area.

Although we all hope emergencies will never occur, owners and riders can rest easy knowing that top sport horse veterinarians will be immediately available to help resolve equine medical emergencies. Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarians will provide veterinary services at the Annex Office located on the Wellington International showgrounds. Dr. Christopher Elliott, board certified in Sport Horse Medicine and Rehabilitation, will be the lead veterinarian at the showgrounds. Veterinarians will be available at the show to provide diagnostic evaluations, treatment, emergency care, and regular veterinary needs. At AGDF showgrounds at Equestrian Village, PBEC vets are on-site to help with any problems that arise during competition days.

Dr. Christopher Elliott at Palm Beach Equine Clinic’s Annex Office located on the Wellington International showgrounds.
Photo by Jump Media

At its main facility, Palm Beach Equine Clinic has an extensive team of more than 30 veterinarians offering a wide variety of services and remedies including internal medicine, emergency care, reproduction and fertility, alternative medicine, regenerative medicine, dentistry, podiatry, and more. From sport horse evaluations to non-traditional alternative medicine therapies such as equine medical manipulation and acupuncture, Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarians think outside of the box to prevent and treat injuries.

At the main facility, Palm Beach Equine Clinic has a team of more than 30 veterinarians offering a wide variety of services.
Photo by Erin Gilmore

Offering exceptional knowledge, capabilities, and commitment, the team at Palm Beach Equine Clinic is thrilled to be part of equine athletes’ success during the Wellington winter show season and beyond.

What Does Palm Beach Equine Clinic Offer?

Cutting-Edge Technology
The modern medical imaging modalities at Palm Beach Equine Clinic allow veterinarians to gather all the information they need to make a timely diagnosis and are available for all equine patients, even if their primary veterinarian is not at Palm Beach Equine Clinic.

Surgical Center
Palm Beach Equine Clinic’s 24/7 emergency services are led by three board-certified surgeons, who perform some of the most advanced and least invasive surgeries in the world. Head of surgery Dr. Robert Brusie, as well as Dr. Weston Davis and Dr. Jorge Gomez, make up the team of surgeons who are adept in many procedures from colic cases to injuries that require high levels of expertise and advanced equipment.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is home to three board-certified surgeons.
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Internal Medicine
Understanding why a talented prospect may be coming up short makes Palm Beach Equine Clinic veterinarians determined to find the answers and develop solutions. PBEC proudly offers internal medicine services led by board-certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Peter Heidmann. Going beyond standard veterinary care, the staff at Palm Beach Equine Clinic can identify the root of subtle changes in a horse’s health or performance with internal medicine evaluations and diagnostic procedures. Comprehensive internal medicine offerings include respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, and neuromuscular evaluations.

Alternative Medicine
Employing a holistic approach to treating patients, Palm Beach Equine Clinic considers all the available avenues for health care. Alternative medicine therapies are often used in conjunction with traditional medicine and can be uniquely tailored to enhance a horse’s performance and overall health. Alternative medicine offerings include acupuncture, equine medical manipulation adjustments, Chinese herbal medicine, laser therapy (photobiomodulation), and extracorporeal shockwave.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic often uses alternative medicine in conjunction with traditional medicine therapies to enhance a horse’s overall health.
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Reproduction and Fertility
Palm Beach Equine Clinic offers a broad array of reproductive and fertility services for stallions and mares, available at the equine hospital or in the barn. With expert care and advanced practices, PBEC maximizes the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. As the process of breeding sport horses is ever changing, Palm Beach Equine Clinic proudly offers clients modern reproductive services to produce the talent of the future.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic is partnered with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (HEMI), one of the leading equine medical centers in advanced reproductive medicine. Through the partnership, equine reproductive specialists work collaboratively with Palm Beach Equine Clinic to expand upon the traditional reproductive services currently being offered.

Palm Beach Equine Clinic has provided the highest quality of equine health care for 41 years. With a world-class facility, state-of-the-art technology, and great compassion for the horses, Palm Beach Equine Clinic is committed to providing the best possible service for both patients and owners.