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Wellington, FL – March 21, 2022 – Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) announced the addition of the innovative care program AcutePlus™ to its cutting-edge suite of client services. A long-time leader in equine veterinary care, PBEC is the first veterinary clinic in the United States to offer the service designed to help eliminate barriers to treatment and minimize risk of ownership related to veterinary care. 

AcutePlus™ is a wellness-centric preventative care membership program focused on delivering excellence in horse health through preemptive treatments, essential care, and access to acute care. 

PBEC will be adding AcutePlus™, a veterinary wellness program, to its list of client services. Photo courtesy of PBEC

“We believe that AcutePlus™ is a game-changer for horse owners,” said Palm Beach Equine Clinic President Dr. Scott Swerdlin. “With this innovative program, they can be assured that they have the ability to make the best heath care choices for their horse.”

“We are innovators at VenturePlus™,” said Ghen Sugimoto CEO of AcutePlus™. “It has been a great pleasure to work with such like-minded individuals at the top of their field at Palm Beach Equine Clinic to help them develop a program that further allows them take the very best care of their patients. AcutePlus™ puts Palm Beach Equine clients in the best position to care for their horses particularly on the worst days, when it matters the most. Additionally, we are proud to be able support Palm Beach Equine Clinic’s efforts to mentor up-and-coming veterinarians through donations from our AcutePlus Foundation™.”

PBEC will offer four tiers of AcutePlus™ membership protection to meet the level of coverage needed by each client. AcutePlus™ plans provide a range of concierge member support, customary care benefits, acute medical benefits, and mortality benefits along with exclusive member opportunities, loyalty points, and more.

PBEC will offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership levels of AcutePlus™.

Signing up is simple at

The AcutePlus™ membership plans have two categories of benefits: customary care and acute medical care and mortality. Customary care benefits cover routine care costs like farm calls, routine vaccinations, dental floats, physical exams, microchips, complete blood counts, and Coggins tests.  

Acute medical care is an important component of the extensive benefits offered through AcutePlus™. A platinum membership provides up to $10,000 per year in financial support for acute care medical bills such as surgical and non-surgical colic, choke, lacerations, eye injuries, acute onset laminitis, bowed tendons, fractured leg, and other urgent medical issues. Advanced diagnostics such as MRI and CT scan benefits are also included under the acute medical benefits portion of the plan. If the unthinkable happens and a member horse’s life is lost, AcutePlus™ can also provide up to $150,000 in equine mortality benefits.

Clients enrolled in AcutePlus™ can use their membership benefits around the globe with any licensed veterinarian. Photo courtesy of PBEC

Palm Beach Equine Clinic clients enrolled in AcutePlus™ can utilize their benefits with any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world, not only when using PBEC’s services directly. After enrolling in AcutePlus™, when you use Palm Beach Equine Clinic for services, you maximize your benefits, and they will automatically apply a credit directly to your bill. Your membership benefits will travel with your horse around the globe, no matter how far away from Wellington you travel – extending your world-class veterinary care anywhere in the world.

Please visit for additional information or to activate your membership. Whether your horse is a competitor, a companion, or a world champion, there is an AcutePlus™ plan designed for you.  

For questions regarding AcutePlus™ at Palm Beach Equine Clinic, call Dr. Scott Swerdlin at 561-793-1599.

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AcutePlus™ benefits vary by membership plan. Benefits referenced in this article reflect the AcutePlus™ Platinum Membership offered through Palm Beach Equine Clinic. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit to review all terms and conditions.