Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer Program

Palm Beach Equine Clinic continues to guarantee success through their Embryo Transfer Program.

The PBEC Embryo Transfer Program, sponsored by Dr. Scott Swerdlin and Dr. Jorge Gomez, is designed to cater to the needs of the sport horse owner who wishes to breed their competition horses. This program is a very cost effective and convenient way to breed top sport horses. 

Equine Embryo Transfer Process

Embryo transfer is a procedure where the egg of the donor mare is fertilized then transferred into a recipient mare that will carry the foal to full term. This process is recommended for multiple reasons.

  • It allows a performance mare to continue competing and at the same time providing you the unique opportunity of having her foal.
  • Secondly, the same mare can produce multiple embryos per breeding season, which allows you to choose different stallions.   
  • Finally, embryo transfer permits a mare to reproduce in circumstances where she may be unable to carry a foal to full term.

The embryo transfer process is a skillful procedure that requires very accurate timing. Palm Beach Equine Clinic offers veterinarians with extensive reproductive experience.

For more information on the details of this unique opportunity please contact Dr. Scott Swerdlin or Dr. Jorge Gomez.

What is the Embryo Transfer Program?

This program is an all-inclusive program that guarantees a 35-day-old embryo.

If there is no embryo then there is no charge.  

All mares that are 12 years of age and under qualify for this exclusive program. Additionally, the mares must have a normal reproductive tract.

The all-inclusive program fee for selected mares will be $6,000.00. This fee includes:

  • Physical examination and evaluation of your mare’s reproductive tract.
  • Consultation and periodic updates regarding embryo success
  • Multiple ultrasounds to determine ovulation and insemination timing of your mare.
  • Insemination at your farm.
  • Collection of embryo at Palm Beach Equine Clinic (transportation for your mare to PBEC is   included, provided you are in Palm Beach County).
  • Lease and care of a recipient mare till a 35-day-old embryo is confirmed.
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