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Palm Beach Equine Clinic Veterinary Technician Highlight: Sarah Panico

Sarah Panico has been a part of the Palm Beach Equine Clinic team for the past seven years. Panico is one of the Hospital Technicians and is an integral member of our Hospital Management team.

Panico grew up riding horses, and by age 14 she was the assistant manager of a private stable in Coconut Creek, FL. She later began teaching lessons, running summer camps, training horses, and more. Panico started competing and traveling on the show jumping circuit in New York, Kentucky, and Canada. In 2015, at the age of 19 she decided she was ready for a change and applied for a position at Palm Beach Equine Clinic. The rest was history, and Panico found her true passion as a Hospital Technician.

Sarah Panico has been working at Palm Beach Equine Clinic for the past seven years.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Panico

“I absolutely love spending time with my patients and pouring every ounce of my abilities into the care of these amazing equine athletes,” commented Panico. “It’s such a great feeling being able to help them. There’s no greater feeling than watching a patient you’ve spent so much time caring for and rooting for improve and get to go home. On the other hand, there are days when sad moments occur too. Having the opportunity to be the person who is with these horses, providing them with love and compassion in their final moments, is certainly difficult but honorable at the same time.”

A typical day for Panico at Palm Beach Equine Clinic starts with doing early morning treatments, running blood work, placing catheters, performing physical exams, and admitting patients for elective surgeries or procedures. If there is a patient that is in a more critical condition, the majority of her time is dedicated to that patient. Being part of the Hospital Management team means that she handles the more critical cases and assigns the other patients accordingly.

Sarah Panico performs a variety of tasks throughout the day while caring for patients in Palm Beach Equine Clinic’s hospital barn.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Panico

“There are days we have multiple emergencies come to the clinic at all different times, and sometimes there are multiple emergencies at the same time,” explained Panico. “Some end up going into emergency surgery right away. Time management, communication, and delegation are vital in this profession. You never know what is in store for the day, and honestly that’s probably my favorite part. I enjoy the unknown as to what my day will be like, the fast-paced environment, caring for critical patients, aiding the doctors, and the unique cases that come in.”

Sarah Panico driving her drift car.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Panico

Outside of Palm Beach Equine Clinic, Panico can be seen driving her drift car. Although it is something she does for fun, she is looking forward to being able to compete next year. She also enjoys traveling, boating, fishing, going to the gun range, and spending time with her German Shepherd, Layla.